KREATUR as variating, developing social sculpture.
By watching, questioning and trying. By failing, understanding and learning. By changing, creating and growing.
Shake it. Make it. Love it.
Studio for communication & design  


It's about change. It's about love. It’s about connection. Of life and work, utopia and reality, vision and passion, art and culture.

Our growing network has a wide range of artists, architects, planners & designers. We Kreatures are always curious where the journey will lead us. From ideas to sketches, from designs to realisations, to an experience.


Hello and welcome. Nice for having you here.

What are you looking for? Are you searching for a creative concept and realisation or another beautiful inspiration and connection? Would you like to tell us about your idea and project? Or would you like to join us and become a part?

Feel free to contact us. Write at LOVE@KREATUR.WORKS or visit us in our KREATUR WORKSPACE at the Moosdorfstrasse 7-9 in 12435 Berlin.

We are happy to get in touch with you.